Repair Services

Carpet Patching

Carpet PatchingSometimes, even the most experienced carpet technician won't be able to remove all stains or wear damage.  When that happens, the next best solution is a our precision carpet patching solution.  

Instead of replacing that carpet, call CJ’s Total Services to schedule an appointment with our certified technicians to save you time, money, and the hassle that comes with replacing carpet by doing a carpet patch repair.



Seam Repair

Carpet Seam RepairOver time, high traffic areas on carpet can cause the seam glue to break down and expose the seams. This can lead to carpet damage, trip hazards, and unsightly appearance. Don't leave seams exposed for long as the edges can fray and become further damaged.




Carpet Stretching

Carpet StretchingLoose and buckled carpet is not only unsightly; it can also lead to accidents or shorten the life of your carpet. Having your carpet stretched is an inexpensive and practical way to increase the life of your investment.

Our certified technicians will stretch your carpet using the most effective methods and tools. Call us for a free consultation to see how we can help you with your carpet needs.